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SuperRare SpaceX Animals Collection

This collection is a series of explorations of what animals look like in the SpaceX Universe. We're algorithmically discovering a new species every day, and we're very excited about it. Although the cost and time spent on each new type is difficult for us, we do not want to limit the number of collections to any number. A maximum of 20 new uploads will be made each day, and the algorithm will continue to work until all new species are discovered. We continue to look for signs of life and new species. Stay in the SpaceX Universe to share this excitement with us and explore different species.

SpaceX Animals Collections Gateway

SpaceX Animals NonGravity Zone

Road Map







We want to know how many animal species the algorithm will discover in the first 6-month period. This is very important to us because we want to identify the special privileges that we will offer to the owners of this collection in the near future. In this process, our roadmap will constantly evolve in the light of the algorithm. All the new discoveries and special drops we have planned for collectors will be announced soon.

When all species are discovered, the first algorithm-generated animated videos will be created for each species. In this way, you will be able to add the Gif format of your SpaceX Animal to your collection to use as an avatar. The first animated animal discovery was made and an example was shared on the website for you.

We want everything to be fair. Instead of pre-sale, we want to add a certain number of new animal species to this collection every day. In this way, a collector who has just discovered the collection will be able to own one of these unique animal species.

The opinions of our community are very important to us. To make SpaceX Universe better, we want to make new decisions together with the idea owners in the special rooms that will be set up on the platform. We care about making room for you in the construction of this universe.

When we complete all the explorations in the SpaceX Universe, we believe that we will have determined our entire roadmap. Thank you in advance for your support and belief in us.

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